Water Rates

Operational fee:  $20.00 per quarter

0 to 18,000 gallons:  $4.25 per thousand gallons

18,001 to 25,000 gallons:  $4.75 per thousand gallons

25,001 to 35,000 gallons:  $5.75 per thousand gallons

35,001 gallons and over:  $9.00 per thousand gallons

  • A late fee of 10% will be assessed to the balance owed if not paid by the due date
  • Termination of service posting fee will be $15.00 per occurrence
  • Service disconnection and reconnection fee will be $50.00 per occurrence
  • Return check fee wil be $35.00 per occurrence

At these rates, our average residential customer will pay about $360 per year for water, which is equivalent to about $1.00 per day for an entire household’s daily water supply. For an average household of three people, the cost is 33 cents per person per day. 76% of our customers use up to 18,000 gallons of water per quarter.